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What are packages?



Packages are combinations of two or more activities that, when implemented and operated together, provide synergistic benefits through their interaction.


Often packages involve more than one mode and more than one organisation, and incorporate more than one activity class. They can involve activities that the NZTA does not fund, but are required to provide the synergies in combination with activities that are eligible for NZTA funding.


Packages are most appropriate in the implementation of integrated, multi-modal strategies involving large and/or complex activities, which require coordinated implementation to achieve the strategies’ intended outcomes. (see Studies, Strategies, Packages and Plans)


Examples of packages

Examples of packages are:

  • Network plans that integrate local road and other transport activities with significant state highway or other local road improvements, e.g. Roads of National Significance.
  • Integrated road safety promotion, walking and cycling infrastructure, road policing, traffic management Activities/devices that facilitate management of the road network and public transport measures (including bus priorities).
  • Rural highway safety treatments incorporating speed management measures on sub-standard sections of road.
  • Balanced and integrated urban traffic management Activities/devices that facilitate management of the road network and walking and cycling networks.
  • Integrated transport and land-use development that:
    • incorporates private sector contributions
    • provides strong transport linkages amongst work, residential
    • recreational and shopping areas
    • separates through traffic and local traffic
    • provides opportunities for use of active modes and public transport, and
    • enhances the efficiency of the transport network while supporting economic development.
  • Community-based improvements encouraging safe and sustainable use of the land transport system involving:
    • business, school and community travel plans
    • neighbourhood accessibility plans
    • school and community road safety promotion/training
    • minor improvement works, including traffic-calming measures, school safety zones, walking and cycling infrastructure and changes to bus routes and frequencies.


Packages are dependent on the nature of the area concerned. This list is not meant to be comprehensive or prescriptive, as it is important to retain flexibility and to encourage innovative packages to be developed.


Items that are not packages

The NZTA does not consider the following to be packages:

Individual/isolated activities that may be grouped for funding, accounting or administrative purposes are not consider to be packages.  For example, sealing projects, and groupings of minor improvement works or passenger transport improvements.


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