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Work category 521: Total mobility wheel chair hoist use payments



This work category A type of activity – not confined to a particular activity class, e.g. new roads (work category 323) appears in:

* activity class 12 – local road improvements
* activity class 13 – state highways improvements
provides for the provision of a payment (in addition to the fare) to the contracted Total Mobility transport operator for each trip taken by a Total Mobility scheme The scheme to assist eligible people with impairments to access appropriate transport to enhance their community participation. Assistance is provided in the form of subsidised door-to-door transport services. member using a wheelchair hoist mechanism.


This definition applies to the 2012-15 NLTP A National Land Transport Programme Interrelated and complementary combination of activities that, when delivered in a coordinated manner, produce synergies – can span more than one work category and more than one activity class, e.g. a programme could include a road improvement and public transport improvement activities. adopted by the NZTA under section 19 of the LTMA, as from time to time amended or varied .  For the 2015-18 NLTP please refer to the updated definition for work category 521.


Examples of qualifying activities

To be eligible to receive the payment, the following criteria must be met by the transport operator:

  • the operator must hold a small passenger service Any bus service, harbour ferry service, passenger rail service, cable car, hovercraft, monorail, tramway or other form of public transport (other than air transport) that is available to the public generally. licence or be a member of an approved taxi organisation
  • the transport operator must be contracted by the local authority Any territorial authority or regional council within the meaning of the Local Government Act 2002. to provide Total Mobility transport services
  • the fare meter must not operate while Total Mobility passengers are being loaded into or out of the vehicle
  • as notified in General Circular 11/07, one payment may be claimed per  passenger
  • the transport operator must pass the payment on to the owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is not owned by the transport operator.


Funding assistance rate

The usual funding assistance rate is:

  • 100% of the payment of $10.00 excluding GST from 1 October 2011

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