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Support negotiations with all organisations at the study, strategy and plan development stage - Checklist



This section sets out guidance and a checklist for negotiations at the study, strategy and plan development stage.


Study, strategy and plan development

The scoping and preparation of transport strategies is the point in the development of transport activities at which the NZTA’s ability to influence regional and local transport outcomes to align with its investment direction is greatest. It is therefore the most appropriate time to commence collaboration and negotiation.


Approved Organisations and the NZTA (state highways) are expected to shape future transport planning activities to address the long term pressures relevant to them through a coordinated and multi-modal approach. Transport planning investment should encourage planning for the long term (thirty year plus).


Benefits from a transport strategy will most likely be realized if the strategy is well researched, flexible, affordable Demonstrates that adequate funding to deliver the activity, or combination of activities, is available from identified sources, e.g. a funding plan has been identified. and buildable and includes a monitoring and reporting programme.


Negotiation Checklist

These negotiations are an opportunity for Approved Organisations and the NZTA (state highways) to test and gain preliminary feedback on:

  • Main stakeholder(s) involved in transport strategy
  • How adequate linkage to national, regional and network strategies is be achieved
  • Significant forecasting assumptions
  • Objectives and process of community and stakeholder engagement
  • What are the changes in need, legislation or opportunity to be included
  • How the land use and transport infrastructure demands are to be integrated
  • Key risks identified
  • Strategically significant developments, such as ports and airports to be considered
  • Levels of service expectations
  • Future scenarios to be tested
  • Methods of development, including modelling
  • Outputs and timelines
  • Peer review

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