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Review application for readiness


Approvers (NZTA staff or other people with delegated authority) need to review the application and decide if it is ready to proceed through the approval process.


Use checklist, guidance and judgement

Approvers/recommenders should use the checklists and guidance, with particular reference to the "Expectations for exercising delegations" section within the delegations summary, to ascertain the readiness of an activity to proceed through the approval process.


Moreover, approvers/recommenders need to use judgement about whether the evidence provided is sufficiently robust to support their decisions, given the scale, complexity and risk involved.


The recommender needs to refer to the NZTA’s delegated authorities to ensure that the activity is directed to the decision maker who has the delegated authority from the NZTA to make the decision. 


The approver’s judgement is also required in considering the significance of the activity and whether the decision needs to be elevated.


For guidance, see the Delegations Summary within "The Way We Work" section.


Last Updated: 02/08/2017 10:40am