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NZTA Investment Monitoring - Overview



Public funding provides for nearly all land transport services and infrastructure in New Zealand – and we’re accountable to New Zealanders for how we invest in that funding. This means closely monitoring costs and showing that services and infrastructure we’ve invested in fulfil their intended purpose and deliver their expected outcomes and benefits.


This section of the P&I Knowledge Base provides information about the different activities of NZTA Planning & Investment’s investment monitoring framework.


Annual Achievement Reports

Each Approved Organisation and NZTA (state highways) must provide an annual achievement report to the NZTA.


NZTA is accountable for its investment decisions. The information provided in the achievement reports provides feedback on the delivery of the programmes that NZTA has purchased. The achievement reports are also used for benchmarking Benchmarking is undertaken when the NZTA makes comparisons against similar regions and the national average. A lack of information supporting differences from regional and national averages may result in changes to the efficiency rating for public transport or maintenance programme or a requirement for a study as a condition of investment approval. Trends in these measures over time are used rather than just annual values. and comparing network performance across New Zealand. Reports are developed by NZTA using the information provided, and are made available to Approved Organisations and NZTA (state highways) for their use.


The report must be submitted to the NZTA via Transport Investment Online by mid-July.  The precise date is defined each year in a General Circular issued by NZTA.



Investment assurance activities

The investment assurance framework focuses on providing assurance about the services and infrastructure NZTA invests in. It also seeks to systematically identify opportunities to improve both NZTA’s and the transport sector’s performance.


The framework covers three main audit and monitoring activities:


Key features of investment assurance activities

The table below summarises the focus and scope of these different monitoring activities, the assurance they seek to provide, and business improvement opportunities they aim to identify.


NZTA (Planning and Investment) – Investment Monitoring Activities


Assurance monitoring

Investment audits

Benefits realisation (post implementation reviews)


Activities at different stages of the planning and investment lifecycle

Approved Organisations and NZTA state highways

Completed projects or packages that NZTA has providing funding for

What is assessed?

Sample of activities or outputs Goods or services delivered by an activity or combination of activities. at different stages or gateways

Approved Organisations and NZTA state highways capability

Whether expected benefits of projects/packages been achieved for expected cost, explanation of variation of actual results from expected

Assurance provided

Individual activities are progressing well and as expected

Approved Organisations and NZTA state highway have systems, processes, and people in place to manage their investment risk and deliver sought outcomes

Projects/packages invested in are achieving what was intended and for expected cost

Business improvement opportunities it helps identify

  • Early planning influence to get well integrated investment proposals and transport outcomes
  • Improve NZTA guidance on different activities
  • Streamline processes or requirements where relevant to improve efficiency
  • Provide more insight on entities’ performance
  • Identify and share good practice to improve NZTA and entity performance
  • Provide better intelligence on the capability and performance of entities to be used in NZTA (P&I)’s investment practices
  • Identify opportunities to improve NZTA’s processes, systems, and guidance to entities
  • Learn lessons for future projects/ packages that are invested in, including good practice to share with others



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